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Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea also called organic is made from various kind of plants and unlike black tea, has not gone through the process of withering and therefore still retains the green color. Green tea has numerous health benefits.


Green tea has a way of burning the body fats and increasing the physical performance. Fat burning supplements often contain green tea It has been found to work magic on those with weight issues. It burns fats while increasing the body's metabolic rate; this results in improved physique and appreciable reduction in body weight. However, is worth noting different bodies operate differently. Therefore, the increase metabolic rate may not be noted in every individual using green tea.


Green tea contains antioxidants hence a person using it lowers risks of various types of cancer. Cancer has been found have oxidative damage on the body. The antioxidants work in such a way that it counters the effect of the free radicals hence offering the protection to the body.


It destroys any bacteria hence lowering risks of dental damage and infections. Research has shown that green tea fights against any bacterial and viral infections that can lead to teeth decay or any dental infections. Green tea can also reduce bad breath in someone hence those with bad breath are encouraged to go for it from japanese tea shop.


It lower risks of old age diabetes. This type of diabetes is prevalent in old age and its results from the insulin insensitivity or resistance. Green tea works in such a way that it increases insulin sensitivity and lowers the amount of sugar in the blood.


It reduces the risk of heart diseases. The green tea function by improving cholesterol or triglycerides level. It also effectively increases the antioxidant capability of blood which after that protects the cholesterol from oxidation. Oxidation of the cholesterol has been found to be associated with heart diseases.

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Green tea from japanese tea shop prevents early aging and death. In as much as death is inevitable, green tea has been found to lower risks of cardiovascular infections and also cancer. It can make sense when said that green tea increases one's lifespan.


It improves brain functions and increases one's intelligence. Green tea does not just keep you alert but also makes you feel or reason smart. This is because of the stimulatory effect of caffeine that it contains. However, it doesn't contain too much caffeine that can result in negative health issues.